About Jennifer Jones

Since childhood, I have been fascinated by the power of the “invisible world.” I was adopted and grew up surrounded by engineers who focused on the concrete; I evolved in opposition. I focused on the internal world of feelings and thoughts, curious to explore our human relationship to the more energetic and subconscious worlds, e.g., language, brain, sexuality, emotions, motivation.

Graduate degrees in Communication & Cultural Studies, Counseling Education and post-graduate training in Licensed Marriage and Family Therapy, allowed me to deepen these interests. I trained in career counseling, systems theory, psycho-dynamic psychology, child and adolescent personality development, grief counseling, couples therapy, psycho-oncology, mindfulness meditation, infertility counseling, adoption, and other mind-body modalities. I study evolutionary psychology and apply this perspective as well with clients.

I’ve owned a counseling practice since 2002 and worked with countless individuals and couples. I also have been studying male psychology for quite some time and advocate for a more positive understanding of male’s experiences in relationships.

I feel happy sexuality and close relationships are core to one’s happiness in life. We may get caught up in the world of money and tasks, but when things get quiet, people really just want more love.  A smooth relationship to Love-Sex-Trust doesn’t always come easy, however, particularly if you have sustained some emotional bruising in your lifetime.

My work helps people decrease barriers that are diluting Love-Sex-Trust. My goal is help make the invisible more concrete and increase client’s feeling of competence in their love life, so they can enjoy as much love as they want!

Meet in person in my cozy cabin in my yard, online, or on location. See Orientation ebook for more details.