When taken seriously, therapy is a real investment in life transformation. It’s not just about feeling better. It’s about removing burdens that have been holding you back perhaps your whole life. This translates to improved relationships, being more attractive, and often raising your income earning potential.

I work well with those who historically had to take care of their self and either learned to play it safe by not taking on challenges, or tend to overperform, never feeling satisfied with their accomplishments.
Our work takes off when you are ready and motivated to live with more peace in your life.

I take your investment of time, money and trust very seriously and work hard to inspire, encourage, and help you unblock the path so you can reach your true desires.


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Additional Services

LST Clinical

Being a couple’s counselor can be intimidating. Having tools can help you not only feel more comfortable, but deepen your work, making you more effective.

“What to do” strategies that you will need when working with couples.

CEUs available.