Are you lonely in your relationship? Are you trying to decide to stay or go? Do you feel blocked from getting closer? Are you bored with sex? Or, overly consumed with sexual fantasy? Are you curious about your sexual potential? Do you want to feel less repressed, more knowledgeable about sex? What’s your reaction to the notion that sex always becomes routine after the honeymoon period?

A simple wish resurfaces over and over with almost every couple I’ve met. We want happier love lives. Love-Sex-Trust Services have evolved out of years spent analyzing, in detail, what makes people suffer in relationships, what we really want instead and how to obtain and sustain something better.

Love-Sex-Trust Services translates this information and offers simple solutions for couples immediate use. Do something now to make your love life better.

Love-Sex-Trust Overview

Throughout the centuries science, art, amateurs and professionals all take turns analyzing sex and love. Advertisers rely on sex to motivate consumers, people commit illegal or immoral acts because of love, divorces abound due to breaches of trust.

Put simply, we are motivated by love and sex. We are wired for connection and designed to physically demonstrate love. Yet that does not mean things will unfold smoothly.

Love, Sex & Trust Solutions

  • Couples Weekend Intensives
  • Couples/Individual Psychotherapy
  • Conscious Dating
  • Infidelity-Divorce Recovery

We are wired for connection and designed to physically demonstrate love. Yet that does not mean things will unfold smoothly.

While aspects of love and sex can be analyzed logically, much is difficult to explain. Just when you think you’ve figured out yourself, your mate, and your desires, things change. What is true is that Love-Sex-Trust are completely intertwined. The entire human drama from utter bliss to heartbreak emanates from this powerful triad.

When these three are humming smoothly, a beautiful positive feedback loop operates:

  • Trust developed over time can deepen love, which invites more deeply connected sex.
  • Initially intense sexual chemistry combined with repeated experiences that build trust, creates an exciting love.
  • Love that builds trust invites more sexual exploration.

Have you felt like this before? Do you want to?

This simple triad can get complicated as people have emotional injuries in any of the three areas. Unresolved issues from early on can intermingle in the present and create confusion. A closed negative cycle of Love-Sex-Trust begins, and can become entrenched over time.


I am scared of loving someone too much.‍
I am not sure what love is supposed to look like.


I have been hurt sexually in the past and would like to downplay this area of life.

I am not sure what my ideal sexual self is.


People will typically be disappointing.‍
It’s easier to not get too close so I won’t get hurt.

If these negatives resonate, your relationships may be distressing. Since two people build the base for a couple relationship, if there is confusion/distress in the areas of love, sex or trust, the foundation is weak. So, when stressors arise, the couple “under performs,” activating the negative feedback loop. Over time, this negative loop can become habituated, so while attached, it is through distress.

Within the individual, the private emotional world isn’t so good. People can feel unsettled, sometimes desperate, emotionally cut off, pissed off, rejected, inadequate, distracted by their fantasies or simply not committed. Sometimes people have felt this way for so long they start to assume it’s just “who they are” and not something that can change.

  • If there is love without sexual desire, one or both partners can get bored, feel rejected and less attached.
  • If there is sex without trust, love is superficial and you start to feel lonely and anxious or guilty.
  • If there is trust without sex, it can feel like a duty to take care of another.

Would you like Love-Sex-Trust to work smoother?

Our agenda is to get these three harmonious within both the individual and with couples. Life will then feel differently. It’s much more fun. Even when you encounter a challenge, you can approach it differently. People usually describe feeling competent, accepting of their self and others, hopeful about the future, attractive, sexual and alive.

The basic tenets of this approach are:

  • Love-Sex-Trust is something to explore with curiosity.
  • Love/Sex/Trust invites creative experimentation.
  • Love/Sex/Trust seeks expansion within your mind, heart, soul and body.

Sound good?

Contact me for an initial consultation. I’m happy to speak with you.

When taken seriously, therapy is a real investment in life transformation. It’s not just about feeling better. It’s about removing burdens that have been holding you back perhaps your whole life. This translates to improved relationships, being more attractive, and often raising your income earning potential. ‍

I take your investment of money, time and trust very seriously. I started my career with the intention of providing excellent service and have never wavered. My rates, non-insurance affiliation, intensive services and continued commitment to my own life’s joy reflect these fundamental values.