Couples therapy is one of those things most people don’t think about until they need it and assume it’s all the same. A “ho hum,” neutral or negative experience, is often seen as a given.

We all know relationships are complex. I’ve been fascinated with studying this complexity close up by working with thousands of clients in private practice. I’ve also studied the counseling process itself, what strategies work and how. I’ve built an encyclopedia of knowledge about how people in relationships think, feel and behave.

How you create the story of your identity, how you interact with psychiatric conditions, how grief and abandonment impact your nervous system, how trauma is resolved or buried, how sexuality tells your history, how conflict reveals your true desires.

Working from deep knowledge and intuition, I am efficient.

I am also offended by low expectations, which is usually the result of being trained to expect disappointing outcomes from an early disappointing family. It’s not personal, setting low expectations was just a survival mechanism that you can now shed as an adult.

It’s rude to all involved to not the set the bar higher.  We start from the opposite. Being truly happy is so much better than living a life “that’s not so bad.” I want my clients to want more and know what their ideal actually feels like.

My foundational truths:

  • People can solve a lot of their own problems, but need expertise to see deeper underlying issues. There’s a tremendous amount of unconscious material that needs special skills to illuminate.
  • We can uncover a lot in a concentrated, short period of time.
  • We need others to help us imagine new realities that don’t match our current reality or comfort zone.

“The best part of the retreat was that it felt like my husband and I were getting to know each other for the first time in 11 years.”

– Retreat Participant


Who is the Retreat For?

People who want a solution. Deciding to stay or go,Dealing with trust issues, Re-booting your ideal sexual relationship, Dealing with toxic ex’s. Positive male psychology, same sex, heterosexual, bi-racial and other monogamous seeking relationships. For romantic couples or other close relationships, (family, adult siblings). Contact us to hear more about how could be beneficial to your unique situation.

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Virtual Sessions

Zoom videoconference available.