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Part of the challenge in creating a new career path is momentum. We often avoid the unknown by staying “safe” and resorting to tasks that we are already good at and “forgetting” to do others that can take us closer to a better, although unseen solution. Intensives are designed to override the habit of avoidance.

We spend more time at work than anywhere, yet this life area of life may not be very clearly defined; either due to bad luck, life changes, lack of goal setting, little guidance and/or opportunity, desire for approval from others, or a belief that fulfillment can’t be derived through one’s profession. People can be used to settling for a situation that isn’t quite right, but isn’t that bad.

On the flip side, it is thrilling for people to get the support he/she needs to land a profession that is “just right.” When life and self fit well, there is congruence. And, when people feel congruence in one area, it ripples into all life areas, e.g., relationships, money, time, sex.

We spend more time at work than anywhere, yet this life area of life may not be very clearly defined… People can be used to settling for a situation that isn’t quite right, but isn’t that bad.

Initial Consultation

Assessment, goal setting, budgeting, time organization, scheduling and in between session follow up are all addressed right off the bat. This format keeps clients from feeling overwhelmed. 5-7 follow up appointments are the norm, with time in between appointments to execute action steps.

Starting step by step in an organized manner with support is key in moving past overload, inertia, or burnout. If you, or others, feel there are more personal barriers blocking the career progression, schedule a consultation for feedback about which direction could be of the most benefit, personal psychotherapy or career consultation.

Consultation Components

These themes are typically addressed in consultations. I typically address these concerns within individual/couples work.

For strict career consultation, I highly recommend Melissa Schenker, Work/Life Consulting.


  • Business Vision
  • Lifestyle Goals
  • Attainment of Goals

Time Management

  • Creative Energy Flow
  • Life Responsibilities, Constraints and Goals
  • Core Beliefs about Time
  • Weekly, Monthly, Yearly Scheduling Assistance

Skills Assessment

  • Innate Talents
  • Skill Inventory (training/education)
  • Weakness Areas

Self Assessment

  • Personality Temperament
  • Core Beliefs about Self, Success, Clients/Customers
  • Authentic Motivators
  • Personal Guiding Values


  • Integrating Self-Assessment to Marketing Strategy
  • Owner Interview (develop Owner Biography) for Marketing Materials
  • Troubleshooting Marketing Plan Sustainability

Life/Work Maintenance

  • Support Systems Identification
  • Ability to Rely on Others Assessment
  • Orientation to Pleasure


  • Core Beliefs about Money & Financial Success
  • Budgeting Approaches
  • Financial Business & Home Strategy

Sound good?

Contact me for an initial consultation. I’m happy to speak with you.

When taken seriously, therapy is a real investment in life transformation. It’s not just about feeling better. It’s about removing burdens that have been holding you back perhaps your whole life. This translates to improved relationships, being more attractive, and often raising your income earning potential. ‍

I take your investment of money, time and trust very seriously. I started my career with the intention of providing excellent service and have never wavered. My rates, non-insurance affiliation, intensive services and continued commitment to my own life’s joy reflect these fundamental values.