Couples are encouraged to pre-schedule a six month follow up at the end of their retreat. At one year post retreat, you receive a check in email and are invited for a Renewal Retreat. Both follow ups are offered at a reduced hourly rate.

Yes, retreat available In person or via telehealth.

No, the retreat format is designed for an individual as well, although we don’t usually go as long.

Yes, the retreat format works wonderfully for these types of relationships as well. Not offering for teens or children.

Day Retreat: 4-6 Hours

Ideal for 1-5 specific focus areas and for those who live close by or need flexibility in scheduling or finances.


2 Day Retreat: 12 Hours total, 6 Hours daily, two consecutive days

Ideal for those who want to concentrate deeply, spending the night away from everyday distractions so you can re-connect or let go. Secure your own lodging either in San Marcos or on location and therapist comes to you during the day. You’re on your own in the evening.

People tend to spend more on entertainment or electronics than on psychological education that can deeply improve their relationship on a daily basis. While counseling isn’t cheap, the value is transformational. 


The retreat is designed to maximize efficiency by focusing intently on core issues, unconscious and conscious; to untwist the deep knots first. Often, as couples do this, they are much more equipped and motivated on their own to focus on improving communication and conflict habits. Detailed information is provided on these areas for application at home. 


You should come expecting to solve the problem or start off with a very solid foundation.

Costs based on Private Couple Retreat Steps above: 12 hours total + notes + credit card service charge

I can’t afford this.  What are your suggestions to economize?

  • Begin with LST Library: Private Couples Retreat: Do It Yourself.
  • Use check or cash to eliminate credit card service charges.
  • One day retreat + DIY preparations can boost cost-benefit ratio.
  • Use one day retreat for diagnostics, then use report/strategy to guide on-going counseling with another therapist who is less expensive or covered by insurance.

That’s a long time in session. I’m going to get hungry, what about snacks?

Very important. You guys tell me what you like, I’ll provide snacks!

San Marcos is quaint and relaxing, but it’s not the end all, be all destination. If you have a setting where I can make arrangements to meet you, I’ll come to you. Depending on location, travel fee will be added. I meet you there and you’re on your own in the evening. There’s some great Hill Country destinations, fun AirBnB, or more far flung locations. Or, you guys go somewhere and let’s do the retreat remotely via teleconference.