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Private Couples Retreat Near New Braunfels, TX

Relationships are full of ups and downs. Sometimes you can feel distant from your partner, which can cause a feeling of detachment in the relationship. This is something experienced by couples all across the country, and can be worked through with therapy and counseling.

If your relationship with your partner isn’t where you want it to be, counseling or therapy can be extremely beneficial. It can help the two of you communicate in new and helpful ways, understand each other on new levels, or simply teach you how to tackle the roots of your relationships issues together. If you believe therapy or counseling would be beneficial to your relationship, then our Private Couples Retreat near New Braunfels, TX may be for you.

Private Couples Retreat by Jennifer Jones is a private, personalized couples retreat near New Braunfels, TX that is designed to help couples work through their problems and understand each other better. The retreat is customly built to address the needs of your relationship and deals with topics such as sex, love, trust, infidelity, resolving affairs, pre-marital counseling, premarital preparation, and much, much more.

Jennifer Jones has graduate degrees in communications and cultural studies, along with post graduate training in licensed marriage and family therapy. She has training in a variety of different counseling and therapy methods and has a passion for helping couples. She has owned a counseling practice since 2002 and has helped countless individuals and couples overcome issues in their relationships and personal lives.

If you are interested in our couples retreat near New Braunfels, TX give us a call! In our call we can go through a free consultation to determine if this couples retreat near New Braunfels, TX is right for you and your partner. We hope Private Couples Retreat is just what you and your partner need for a happier and healthier relationship.