How relationship counseling near New Braunfels, TX can help you

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How relationship counseling near New Braunfels, TX can help you

Anyone who’s ever been in a long-term relationship knows that it is the furthest thing from being easy to maintain. It takes commitment, communication, a willingness to forgiveness, lifestyle compatibility, and many, many other factors to hold onto. Which is why it is so difficult to figure out whether or not you want to let go of a significant other you’ve been sharing your life with for so long. These are very complicated issues to go over, so you may need someone to help you with relationship counseling near New Braunfels, TX.

Deciding whether to stay or leave in a relationship comprises approximately 85% if why couples are seeking relationship counseling near New Braunfels, TX. There are many complicated and contradictory factors going through people’s heads when they’re thinking about this. I love him/her AND I’m unhappy. Do I want the freedom of being single, or the security of being a couple? Is it worse for my children if I leave, or if I stay and continue to be miserable?

Usually we’re so fixated on the outcome that we tend to gloss over why we’re even thinking about these things in the first place. There’s a strong case that the why is even more important, because this can free you from demons you might have been neglecting, such as poor early development, or not having the experience to decide on what you want. Confronting this side of you will lead to greater freedom, regardless of your decision in the end, but it can be terrifying to do so all alone. But if you need assistance, you can be guided through this process with relationship counseling near New Braunfels, TX.

Jennifer Jones has owned her counseling practice since 2002, and has training in multiple psychological and therapeutical fields. Her goals are to make the invisible world that’s inside all of us more visible, and decrease barriers between couples so that they may experience a higher degree of love between each other. If you’re looking relationship counseling near New Braunfels, TX, then schedule an appointment today so you can begin your journey towards freedom.